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Everything You Need to Know About Mailers!

If your company ships anything or sells items online, you've probably heard of a mailer, and if you're going to use direct mail, you should do it right! Here are some important tips when it comes to Direct Mail Marketing:

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

1. 42.2% of people either scan or read their direct mail

2. Mailers require 21% less cognitive effort than emails

3. Recipients of mailers usually spend 28% more money than people who don’t receive it.

4. Mailers offer a 29% ROI

5. 73% of Americans say they prefer mailers because they can open/read it when they want

6. 41% of Americans look forward to checking their mail everyday

7. 60% of recipients typically visit the company’s website after receiving the mailer

8. Up to 90% of mailers get opened in comparison to only 20-30% of emails get opened

9. The response rate to mailers is 9 times higher than that of emails

Best Way To Create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

  1. Outline a precise target market

  2. Develop a mailing list

  3. Create your mailer - not too expensive with a strong offer that will spur your customer to action - our team can help you think outside the box to include tangible items that your audience can use daily.

  4. It's okay to start small - send your mailers to a small portion of your mailing list and wait for your results

  5. Run the campaign - use your test results to gauge how many you should be sending out per week in regards to being able to handle your responses

  6. Handle Customer Responses - make sure you are following up and responding in an appropriate and timely manner if they ask questions or want to purchase something

  7. Analyze your results - this is very important - what is working and what is not working, Can you turn your audience into subsets? Which parts of the demographic responded better than others?

The Do's and Don'ts of Mailers

Don't Waste Time on the Design - don't focus your efforts and time on searching options and designs when our team at SpecWorks can help find and personalize exactly what you need!

Don't Forget to Drive Traffic Online - Don't disregard having an online presence and put 100% of your focus, money, and efforts in to mailers. There are many simple and cheap ways to use mailers to encourage people to follow you on social media platforms, online sales with coupon codes that are distributed with mailers is an excellent example.

Do Proof Read - Our team makes sure to send you a proof of your work before beginning production so that you can fine tune your marketing materials and make the largest impact!

Do Track Responses and Follow Up - You can track your responses in a number of ways, whether it be coupon codes, requiring customers to bring in the mailers, comparing sales numbers, etc., but make sure to track them in an easily manageable fashion!




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