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Must Have Summer Drink-Wares!

BruMate Hopsulator 12 oz Slim Can

2020 is the Summer of the seltzers! Keep your seltzer 20x cooler than any standard neoprene sleeve with this ultimate seltzer can holder! This product will definitely come in handy with seltzers being the new, popular drink of choice. They're everywhere you look - perfect for a hot, sunny day by the pool, at the beach, or on the water!

Specs: Fits most 12 oz slim cans, such as: White Claw, Truly, Red bull and other 12 oz slim style cans. Engraving area front side (with BruMate logo) 1 3/4" x 2 1/4". Engraving area back side 3 1/2" x 2 1/4"

16 oz Econo Color Changing Tumbler

Do you happen to see color changing cups often? Well, stand out and get yours today! These cute, simple, 16 oz tumblers come in a variety of colors: blue, red, and pink. Each cup changes colors when cold beverages are added, and they come with plastic REUSABLE straws - great for the environment! Not only do these cups change colors with cold beverages, but they're also double layered insulated for cold or hot beverages. These cups are hip, unique, convenient, and totally in!

Specs: Imprint area and method: 2" W x 2" H • Wraparound: 6" W x 2" H Approximate Size: 5 ¾" H

10 oz OtterBox Elevation Wine Tumbler

Elevate your drinking experience with these cute and simple wine tumblers! These tumblers fit 10 ounces of your favorite wine, while keeping your drink chilled to the last sip during your Summer activities - whether you're having a beach day, out on the boat with friends, or just hanging by the pool - these tumblers are perfect for you!

Specs: Imprint area and method: 1 ¼" W x 1 ¼" H. Approximate Size: 4 3/5" H

If you would like assistance with these or would like any other ideas, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

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